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The Damn EP

EP and music video out now


Find Someone To Love

Debut Music Video / 2.9.2016


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The rockin'ist EP this side of your last substance-induced joyride.

<3, TDF

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The Damn News



We are The Damn Fanatics


The Damn Fanatics formed in the Fall of 2013, under the mission of creating a show that would provide "a sweaty good time." Mixing classic rock 'n roll with modern electronics and plentiful theatrics, the SF based trio uses their disparate musical tastes to their advantage, with a goal of pushing their own personal limits and creating a hive mind of sound.


Vocals, Guitar / "de Juan and only" Andy Strong
Keyboards, Vocals / Matt "X" Grandy
Drums / R.J. "Raj Tut" Pal


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